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Had an audition today!

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    Originally posted by sonic View Post
    I play in an 80's covers band, when we play live all the instruments are sent FOH through our PA, we keep our backline pretty low volume wise. I still have to wear IEM's because the keys player sends me clicks on all the tunes that he has an arpeggiator on. As for playing per the record, I put in all the "signature" fills per the record but then might vary it a bit in other places to fit the "mood of the room". Nearly all the tunes I play are played differently live versus studio by the original artists.
    Sensible approach. To be honest that’s what I do. Get the right feel, make sure the kick is the same and signature fills and then don’t overplay lol. It was only for the audition I wanted to get the songs bang on to show off Most people recognise the studio album version over the live version though. Saying that I love to play to Genesis Seconds Out live album.

    Back in 1992 I was running a Roland mc50 hardware sequencer playing extra keyboard/bass parts and percussion on a roland D110 module as well as using a Roland spd8. The foot switch on mc50 was brilliant and would stop and start the exact second you hit it. I had a lovely pair of closed back sennheiser I wore while playing which only fell apart a couple of years ago. I really learnt a lot about time in that period playing to a click. It was mechanical at first but I got so I could lay back or push forward on the click.

    Nothing has changed a great deal since then. It’s still the same old midi and that mc50 was as solid as a rock. It never failed once.
    Roland TD30 module on TD20 kit SD3 with various kits. Pearl Masters Kit, Yamaha 9000RC original natural wood finish. Cymbals from Zildgian Pasite and Sabian. Loads of percussion bits. Cubase and Wavelab always current versions.


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      From your description of the audition I would have bailed as well. Overly loud will definitely ruin it.

      In one of my auditions for a band, the deal breaker was the smoking. It was like a Cheech & Chong movie... the basement door opened and the smoke just rolled out. I gave it a shot and thought I could bear through it. I liked the guys, they seemed to have something there... but ultimately the intense smoke in the moderate sized basement killed any future with the guys. They called me later in the day and said they loved my playing and invited me to the band... but I had to politely decline.