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aD5 - Midas M32

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  • aD5 - Midas M32

    If you are using a aD5 live to FOH how are you getting around not having direct outs. The sound guy and I agree the sounds are great from the module however, not having direct out to separate snare from bass drum, toms, cymbals seems to be a hang up. We are using a crossover to send to the subs, but sound guy is still feeling limited if he wants to bump something up in a song. Such a bummer not having at least 4 direct outs.

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    The EFNOTE will fit the bill for you.
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      Tell the sound guy to treat it like it's program material. If you're playing to tracks (or playing break music), you're not receiving individual tracks -- you just get a stereo mix, and lo and behold it sounds absolutely fine in the mix.

      IMO, for 90% of gigs, direct outs are unnecessary and just the sound man wanting to feel useful

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        At the last show i had a good professional soundman and a M32 desk, he asked me to make the cymbals a little quiter and softer, and he has more possibilities to push the whole kit, works good :-)) (Roland TD-15, Stereo Out)
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          Originally posted by jpsquared482 View Post
          The EFNOTE will fit the bill for you.
          Then you must be able to miss the sounds of the AD5, these are certainly not the same as those of the EFnote.