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Sample Pad for live

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  • Sample Pad for live

    Hi everyone, not sure if this shall go into this section, but I think this is the most appropriate one.
    Have some small gigs coming up (yes - it's allowed where I live) and looking for a solution to run samples (mostly backing tracks, i.e. keys, BV's etc).
    I use e-drums at home (drum tec Pro S w/ PMP) - live will be either fully acoustic or acoustic triggered with Roland external triggers and PMP. Cymbals will be acoustic.
    Now, I need to run samples in half the tracks and also use a click from the same source when there are no backing tracks.
    Looked at SPD-SX, but I think it's too state of the art for what I want to achieve.
    Any suggested solutions?
    Thank you.

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    If you have an iphone or ipad you could use an app. Here is one I have used: