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    Hello everyone, has anyone used a Turbosound iNSPIRE iP15B Powered Subwoofer with their V-Drums? I've heard some really positive things about Turbosound and am looking for a nice, affordable 15" powered subwoofer. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on Turbosound.

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    I have the top-tier model for sale for $700, the Turbosound iQ15B. The Inspire and Milan series are a bit lower-SPL and power. The iQ series is (I feel) comparable to Yamaha DXR and QSC K series.. maybe just a smidge less SPL but very clear and wide variety of onboard EQ and options. The thing wallops in low end and shakes the room by mid-volume. It is constructed very very well.

    I'm only selling it because my band got a entirely new PA system and I don't need to tote the subwoofer around anymore. PM me if you want to know more or are interested.
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