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  • TD-30 EQ and Comp settings

    Does anyone have a comp and eq setup for a decent sounding kit for live playing. I'm not using the direct outs as too many cables.Just using the mono or stereo to a Line 6 Stagescape md20 mixer. Am trying to get as close as I can to headphone sounds for what's coming out of my mains. I understand each kit is set up differently, but if i had basic settings for good a sounding kit that would be a starting point. Any help? Thanks.

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    Me - mono - no EQ or FX at the kit end and straight into the house PA.
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      In my experience albeit I have a Mimic Pro, the thing with e-drums is to run minimal FX on the outputs unless you're going for something drastic like replicating gated snares/toms or Bonham stairwell ambiance. Even then you can't over do it.

      A good starting point in general is to cut down all Room and Reverb close to zero and try a low shelf/HPF cutting out anything under 60Hz to take out the woomy-ness, boost some 5-6 KHz for snare and tom snap, and if needed high shelf 8-10Khz. YMMV with the type of live venue room and your PA/FOH system. Good call with Mono or Stereo outs.. that's all you need in most situations.
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        I would go mono out (one cable) and do whatever I pleased as far as EQ/comp/etc.

        Because there is no way a sound guy getting one cable from you is going to be able to make your kit sound anywhere as good as your module. Even if he got a separate cable for every single pad you own he could not apply proper effects to all of them, and that is if he would be so inclined. And he would not be so inclined.

        If he doesn't like your mix, then you can use your module sliders for relative volume changes.

        Hey, they are your drums - you make the decisions. Imagine a guitar player sending a dry output from his guitar direct to the sound guy or board. Never going to happen in a million years.

        If you wanted to get truly diligent, you could spend a day with your sound system set up in a room the size of a typical club; copy each of your kits and call it "Maple kit - Live" etc, and then tweak each kit to your sound system. You'd feel better, but it would likely be a waste of time if your PA is any good at all.

        And remember - tweaking your kit to a PA in an empty room with just you playing is a completely artificial environment compared to playing in the actual club in a room filled with people and your bandmates playing loud music. You would probably make decisions that seemed proper, but would only result in your drums not cutting through the sonic tornado of a live band.

        I don't know how the people who make the Mimic Pro think, but I can tell you that the people at Roland design their stock kits to sound great when played on stage. I would venture to say that if you listened to a Roland stock kit through your PA when your band is playing live you would love the overall effect, but listening to it alone through the PA you would probably say it was tweaked too bright, too much treble EQ.

        So, my recommendation is that if you are going to change your tweaks just for live playing, then simply turn up the EQ above, say, 3000 Hz. And I would change all my head types to no muffling whatsoever - you want that stick impact to come through.
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