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Which stick holder do you use?

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  • Which stick holder do you use?

    Iím in need of a stick holder for on stage when I drop a stick. I have a TD 11 KV kit. The frame legs are 1.5Ē in diameter. Iíve looked at a few holders but the way they clamp wonít open far enough to put it on the frame leg where Iíd like. The ones Iíve seen are made to clamp to a cymbal stand, which is smaller but I donít want it there. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Tama Powerpad stick bag... $15 and holds just enough to keep me happy without being too obtuse. You can hang it off the pad lug bolts instead of the rail if youíre okay with a more conventional bag setup.
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      Well, I also have one of those Tama bags. I like it.

      But, since I have a tendency to DIY, here's a couple thoughts made mostly in jest:

      Considered and rejected: Spare holster for a 1911 - good angle built in, but doesn't hold enough sticks. And I only have right handed holsters, so that limits placement
      Considered and rejected: Half gallon milk jug with top cut wide. Works, but its looks will surely bring scorn, laughter, and pointing fingers. No matter how you paint it, it's a milk jug.

      Further exploration merited: Empty pringles can, cover in whatever color duct tape or paint you like. If you don't like the cardboard Pringles can, try Lays Stax. Similar shape and size, blue plastic.

      Hang it from the lug bolts as rdubu mentions using some elastic cord threaded through holes punched on the side. I got some of that stretch cord at Hobby Lobby to restring my Audio-Technica microphone shock mounts when the original cord gave up the stretchy.

      Frame leg 1.5" diameter. Hmm. Perhaps I'll visit the Home Depot plumbing and electrical area. They have lots of pipe and conduit in that size range, and those pipes gonna need clamps...

      Now, some folks put a lot more stock in aesthetics than I. But, gotta give the people what they want! Once the Pringles can is obtained, we can "Knock it up a notch!". Break out the spice weasel, er, sorry, colored markers and decorate like a tiny drum. Or put that color printer to use making a custom "wrap" for your stick holder. Bam!

      Ok, that does it. I'm off to create a fabulous wrap for my Pringles stick holder. Scissors and a glue stick should be sufficient for the prototype. I'll try to post a picture in the next day or so showing what I come up with. Too much time on my hands?

      Safe travels!

      Edit: here's what I did while watching Rick & Morty:
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        I have two On-Stage DA100 holders, one I clamp to the rack near my hihat and the other I clamp to my drum throne
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          Live, a bag wrapped on a floor tom, or simply stuck in the BD lugs. In studio, one of those clamp-on dual tube thingies or on the floor. (because I'll likely stop if something happens)
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            Vater stick holder

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              ones that fit on a rack leg.. are the clamp type ones..
              i have a dixon one (when dixon still made good stuff) with a very strong spring .. pro mark makes a couple of those types ..
              i should think that would be good, but i don't know .. or diy something on an empty 1.5" rack clamp that you slide on a rack leg..
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                Few old bits of tube:

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                  Thanks guys. I like the Tama one but not sure where Iíd hang it since there are no head screws that stand up. I finally DIYíd one out of 1-1/4Ē PVC and zip tied it to the right side end leg. Painted it black. Holds 2 pair. Thatís all I need.


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                    Originally posted by jammin777 View Post
                    i have that same vater stick holder,it works good. You can also make one out of a pringles can.


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                      I use one of these. I like that it's got a rigid opening, but the bag itself is soft. So I don't struggle to get sticks in and out, but they don't make a "clang" like they would in a metal or plastic cup.


                      Oh... I may have had to pay a visit to the hardware store for some longer bolts in order to clamp it around the 1.5" tubing of my kit.
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                        Re the DIY option, back in the day, a sheet of plastic and plastic glue / stapler, rolled about 6 ins diameter and about 11 ins deep and a disc for the bottom, a wire hook and hang it from the floor tom tensioners. or off the rim. Always worked for me lol


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                          I’ve always had one on the ft but can be a bit awkward depending on the rythm you are playing at the time you let one of your sticks fly. Think I may put one on the hi hat stand as well. My hands are really dry these days and I don’t like gloves or wrapping my sticks in stuff. Saying that I rarely drop one anyway.
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                            If you don't want to go for DIY, you can eventually use a cheap L-rod clamp and a regular stick holder.
                            In the past, I have used a baby stroller bottle holder, as it had an angle matching up my old TD1K rack.

                            I currently use this one and I am happy with it:
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                              FWIW I've tried many bags and even have a strange Hardcase circular box thing someone gave me once - I also used the DW Pete Erskine self-supporting bag thing for a few years - but for some time now I've settled on one from Fusion Bags here in the UK. They make all sorts of instrument bags (bagpipes anyone? ) and do a neat combination rucksack for snare and sticks as well as the stick bag:

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