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Live gigs: how do you guys organize all your Roland gear?

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  • Live gigs: how do you guys organize all your Roland gear?

    Which bags are you guys using? How do you organize all your cables? Tips for efficient set up time?

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      I canít help. I donít play my td30 live. Tried it but took me twice as long to setup as my akit. A lot of people on here do so be patient
      Roland TD30 module on TD20 kit SD3 with various kits. Pearl Masters Kit, Yamaha 9000RC original natural wood finish. Cymbals from Zildgian Pasite and Sabian. Loads of percussion bits. Cubase and Wavelab always current versions.


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        Use memory locks on the rack to set it up the same every time. Also use them on the cymbal mounts as well. The kick goes in a Gator mixer bag and the drums and module go into a Gator rolling gear bag. I donít put the rack in a bag, I fold it so it fits on top of my other gear. I put the other miscellaneous cables and bits in a small duffel bag. The hi hat and snare stands as well as the throne and powered speaker fits in the back of my Outback.
        The hardest part is schellping out of my basement.
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          Thereís a thread pertaining to this on the Roland V-Drums FB group


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            I should have included some extra information..... I'm not gigging with a full electronic kit.. I use a hybrid kit. Roland TM-2 with 2 BT-1's, the RT30 single trigger and kick drum trigger + acoustic drum kit. Trying to drastically cut my set up time.


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              I gig with my Roland kit. It's a TD-15 module kit that I pieced together / upgraded everything from my original TD-3 kit.

              TD-15, KD-120, VH-11, 4 toms (Pd-85, pdx100). Cy-15r, cy-12, and a cy-13 acting as a crash that hovers right above my ride cy-15. I do mount this crash on it;s own cymbal stand. Snare mounts to the rack and never needs to be moved. Toms don't need to be moved, the two floor toms fold inward on that "wing" of the rack.

              I remove all cymbal pads and put them in a standard zildjian bag, My sound module stays on the rack and the cable harness stays plugged in. 1/4" cables for the 4th tom/2nd crash stay wired to the rack and secured with velcro. I just need to unplug my crash2 that mounts on a standalone cymbal stand.

              The VH-11 sensor is removed from my HH stand and is packed between my kick pedals in their DW pedal bag. (5000 series double pedal set), I also throw the TD-15 power cable and my 1/4" cables in my kick pedal bag.

              The rack with everything except cymbals is carried in and wings folded out. Mount the cymbals, set the KD-120 under it. Plug in crash2, set up HH stand and plug in VH-11. From there I only need to plug in the TD-15 and run 1/4" cable to my PM-10 monitor amp and my band's mixer/amp box. We have a great live sound setup with big PA stacks and separate amp for stage monitors, so sometimes I don't even need to bring my own amp/monitor.

              I'll work on adding some pics. It's a pretty easy setup


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                I bought a big 4-foot long ice chest and put wheels on it. Pretty much the entire TD-10 kit fits inside. Separate small padded bag for the module. The chest sits beside me on stage if there is room. I leave everything mounted on the rack, fold it up, and it will still fit in front of the rear seats.

                It takes two people to move that chest out of my basement, but help is good.
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                  The single most-useful mod to my TD-25K was a couple of these babies to make putting up/taking down the cymbals way faster...

                  Kit: Roland TD-25K


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                    Originally posted by vttom View Post
                    The single most-useful mod to my TD-25K was a couple of these babies to make putting up/taking down the cymbals way faster...

                    Don't these have the reputation for flying off occasionally?
                    Maybe less so with e-drums.


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                      Nope, use 'm for years with my a-kit. Also use a Remo quick-release hihat clutch.
                      TD-30, KT10, PD-105/125, 13" DIY + BT-1, VH-11/CY14/15/5, PM-30, HD-280 Pro