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Individual Out or Stereo Outs or both?

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  • Individual Out or Stereo Outs or both?

    I have a Roland TD 30 kit and I'm wondering some opinions. What have you found is the best way to connect your module to the sound board? Currently I have a mini-snake that runs from the 8 direct outs to their own individual inputs in the board so that they can be controlled separately. I do notice, however, that comparing the sound to this method with the 2 stereo outs with the same console at our church, the church seems to have such a fuller sound. Can I hook up all 8 DOs and also the 2 stereos? will it really matter? What's the best method here?

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    Do you mean the sound is fuller when using direct outs vs only stereo out? It mostly depends on your sound tech, but also on what you send to the board. If you send only drum elements to the DOs, you'll lack ambience which adds dimension. Those are usually sent through the main LR. My experience is that with a good sound tech/solid sound gear you can get superior sound with DOs+ambience, but otherwise, using only main LR sounds good, providing you have tweaked everything to the room/system you play.
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