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    I just purchased a TD17 Module. I already use a TD12 on stage so this may be a tandem setup if necessary. I am trying to break out the TD17 into separated output. Right now it only has 2 outs. Is there a way to get me to at least the 4 outs I use with the TD 12. On the 12, I use the master outs and the direct outs and separate them into 4 channels...kick, snare, toms, cymbals. Is there some way to break these left and right channels into a simiar say going through an interface of some sort to break them apart? If I could somehow get to the same config as the TD12, it would suit my needs. Thanks for the response in advance...
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    TD-17 only has two audio outputs.
    So, for live performance, the only way to get multitrack output would be to use some external sound module
    (or software sound module on a computer with multichannel audio interface), and just use td17kvx as a trigger unit.

    If you just need to record separate outputs in studio, you can do it on track at a time.

    It is described here:


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      You could also use the headphones as an output. Maybe not ideal but it could work with a splitter cable.