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First impressions of live TD20 - Pro Band

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  • First impressions of live TD20 - Pro Band

    Ive been gigging the TD20 for about 3 months now at various size venues and various PA / Monitoring setups. Coming from a fairly straightforward top-end Starclassic setup ive observed the following:
    1. Setup time takes a LOT longer so I have to allow at least 30 minutes more at the venue. Im getting this down each time I setup and now have a fairly set routine.
    2. Monitoring is ALL, there has been a couple of times monitoring has been hopeless and insufficient. I play with a click most of the time and when I have a good sidefill its a lot more comfortable experience. If I dont its very stressful. It defo needs at least a good 15" Sub and 12/15" full range setup. We have built this into our stage spec now for all future shows
    3. Still having issues with hearing hi hat / Ride and Cymbals compared to the rest of the kit. Im finding these difficult to get used to compared to decent acoustic versions. Im even considering going back if I cant get an authentic feel. I would love some insights on what others have done to improve this side of the kit.
    4. I struggle with getting authentic snare sound on fast rolls , still sounds a bit machine gunny at times
    4. Overall WHAT a sound! Our Singer moves to the kit for a couple of numbers and i go out front, and last night we had almost the perfect monitoring mix on the Kits and on the stage wedges. The sound was EPIC!

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    Trouble with the td20 is it does machine gun. It is quite old technology now. What about swapping it out for a td30. Still machine guns a bit but better than the 20. Of course you could spend a lot more and get a mimic or td50. Depends on what you want. I know I wouldn’t want to play live with a td30 never mind a td20.
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      When I played out with my TD-20 I always had a small mixer coming back to me with the band mix in it and would use that mixed with my kit and headphones. There were few cases where I got a useful monitor mix from anything other than headphones and the phones made it a WAY better playing experience. Closed back worked best for me. It was like playing with a real recording or like the studio and I believe made my performances better as a result of how satisfying the sound was.
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        I played a lot of gigs with my td 20 ( vexed) i ran a mackie powered 15 and was a good solid mix.. having said that i would also run in ear monitors from the 20 with a line in mixed from the desk with everything but drums. that way i could sort of blend the band with the drums myself... most of the time i would run one ear in one out so i could better hear the stage mix.. Unless i was ding vocals or on the few songs where we had some backing tracks so the click needed to be used.. normally i ran mix right click left for those songs... hope that helps...Btw the TD 30 is way way better than the 20... 50 i dont know i didnt buy it due to some triggering issues at speed in early days ( this may have been fixed) Im trying to get on a mimic pro right now if i can get one to Australia. It seems to me a lot of roland player are switching to mimic so you might want to have a look at it.. If you think the 20 sounds good wait till you hear the mimic.