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  • Linking patch changes

    I'm doing a show where Im using a TD-20 module and a SPDS quite heavily. I'm going to have one patch per song on each device so Im wondering if I can link the patch changes via MIDI so changing the patch up on the SPDS will also change the TD-20 and vice versa, keeping them in sync? Any help appreciated!


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    As long as the kits are the same kit number on each device, that shouldn't be a problem. I do it on my SPD-SX with my TD-50. Midi out of whichever device you'll be pressing the buttons on, midi in on the other and make sure the program change send/receive settings are enabled on each. Sometimes send and receive are separate settings, other times they're grouped together as one setting.
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      Great thanks for that! Knew it could be fairly straight forward!

      Just now need to see if I can line up the kit numbers! Having said that, does that need to be the case? I thought that there were separate program changes that just dealt with patch up/down which in my head means it wouldn't matter if both kit numbers were the same??


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        There might be but I've never actually tried it any other way. I line them up and then use the kit chain function on the SX to make my set list and it jumps to the correct kit on my 50 whichever order I put the songs in. There may be a simple way around it if you're just going up or down kits, I just haven't used it any other way so couldn't say for sure.