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  • backup module?

    how many of you guys have ever had a module die or flake out on you at a gig and wish you'd had a backup?

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    Havenít, but wouldnít gig professionally without a backup in plan.
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      I gigged with TD-10 module for at least 15 years no back up no problem [thank goodness for Roland quality.]


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        always carry a cajon and tambourine in case


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          Never had a module die. If I'm gigging outside the country I'll have a spare anyway. Had Alesis pads and TrapKat pads die, but easy enough to work around those issues.
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            Yep, I've had this raised by bands I've played in who have no experience of e-drums and were nervous about live failure.

            FWIW my experience is like most here - never had a failure live of TD-20, TD-30 or TD-50 (and I kept the old models as backups )

            Once at a rehearsal when I had been doing a huge amount of sound editing the previous day on a TD-30 the module went a bit strange at the rehearsal so I did Factory Reset then reloaded everything from the memory card backup and all was perfect thereafter - only took a few minutes to do that.

            Oh, and once I sat on my TD-20 years ago when setting up at a gig and bent some of the pots - still worked perfectly though

            Whatever you think of Roland they build solid gear.
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              Rick Allen triggers and mics a real kick and snare "just in case".situation allowing ,that's probably the best meat and potatoes solution.


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                Terrible time to bring this up. I have a gig tomorrow night

                I have a TD20 that I bought used and have spent a LOT of time tweaking the sounds and building kits (25 kits for 50 songs)

                I have a TD10 that I could use in an emergency but I have no kits built.