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TD-50 DIRECT OUTS..................HELP!!!

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  • TD-50 DIRECT OUTS..................HELP!!!

    Hello V-Drums Forum, I need some help with the direct outs on the TD-50. Is there a way to tune the toms, snare, kick and cymbals independent of the direct outs? In other words, I like my toms to have tonality to them with no muffling (going to headphone output). Our sound guy want me to put muffling on the toms going to front of house. I've already turned off faders to direct and effects going to direct outs to give him my drums dry with no effects. But he wants to muffle my drums which takes away the tonality that I like to hear in my headphones. Is there a way to tune the drums specifically for front of house without affecting the tonality of my drums coming through my headphones? Any help or suggestions appreciated........................Roger Whitsett
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    The DOs carry the instrument modeling, but not the effects. DOs do not carry master compression or effects. MFX and ambiance can be sent separately. Think of the DOs as only the micing of the instrument. So, yes, you can model in some muffling, and that will be sent through the DOs. You can also disconnect (route) DO volume from the external faders for separate monitoring at the module, while still sending a full signal to a FOH/DAW. There is really a lot to go into regarding DOs. I would suggest downloading the PDF manual for the 50, and searching through it for everyting that references "direct out". You'll find a tons of setting options.
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