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  • Processing gear for playing live

    I have an ATV aD5 with an aDrum kit and I'm using a Turbosound iNSPIRE iP2000 for my monitor and PA when we're playing at smaller venues where we have to provide our own sound equipment. I get a pretty good sound from this setup but it seems to be lacking presence. The aD5 doesn't have any effect processing EQ compression etc. Any recommendations for a processor that I could run the aD5 through?

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    I've heard of ppl using a BBE Sonic Maximizer... google it.
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      If your module isn't providing the presence you desire, then I would also recommend the maximizer, and simply some external processing. There are plenty of simple EQ/Compressors (multi-effects) processors on the market that can be used for this.

      If your module sounds how you like, I always suggest to bands they highly consider investing in and using something like a dbx DriveRack PA. It does wonders for EQing a room and allowing your intended sound to be heard... not to mention, it offers feedback suppression as well.
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        +1 on Alan's recommendation. Does you band use a soundboard? Better sound boards have simple things like chorus and reverb and such.
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