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Roland SPD-SX + Backingtracks live

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  • Roland SPD-SX + Backingtracks live

    Hi all.

    I wonder if someone can offer some assistance.

    My band uses backing tracks live - at present, the backing tracks are panned hard right and the click is panned hard left. Our drummer receives the left output and can start the songs by triggering the different pads, and the right output goes to the PA.

    The slight issue we have, is we have to use a headphone amp or else he only gets the click in one ear. (

    Now, i'm the guitarist, but i usually end up setting up my gear, and the Roland and we have a few really important gigs lined up, where changeovers are really hugely time sensitive and the headphone amp adds a lot more points of failure. Does anyone know a way i can set this up so that we DON'T have to use any external amp to be able to have the click in both ears?

    Any advice would be really helpful.

    Many thanks

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    You could run the tracks and clicks as 2 wavs that are pad linked together. You end up only being able to use one song per kit though as you can only pad link 2 pads on a kit.

    I've used them like this before. For example, kit 1 - track.wav on pad 1, click.wav on pad 2. Pad link 1 & 2 (think it's in the kit settings). Pad 1 goes to main stereo out and phones, pad 2 goes to phones only so the drummer can monitor through that. Level the volumes on the pad settings for the headphone mix and the main output volume or desk can increase or decrease it for the band. Or you could go with pad 2 being on the SUB OUT output/s for the drummer to monitor on their own in the same way as the current setup.

    As I say, it does throw a limitation up with the amount of tracks you can run per kit but for most gigs 100 kits should surely be enough!


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      Hey Pulsc...thats really interesting - i think that might be the answer to our problems! If we did it that way, would our drummer be able to monitor the backing track mix too? he usually doesn't need a lot


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        Yes, if he monitors through the headphone output, you'll get both the track (master out and phones) and the click (phones only). I usually do something like set all the tracks to volume 70 and the clicks to 100 (providing they're all similar peak volumes), that way there's more click than track in the 'phones. Since the master out has its own volume and is going to the desk, the slightly lower pad volume for the tracks doesn't really matter.


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          I'm questioning why he wants the click in BOTH ears? I'd rather have one clear to HEAR out of during the show!
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            Well, that all comes down to personal preference, right? I always use both of my in-ears and run my clicks and backings in stereo. Protecting my hearing comes before everything else and I can monitor either just my own stuff or a mix of everything if I really need to.

            With my e-kit band, I tend to find that between monitoring my click, tracks and drums and having a wedge monitor nearby with vocals through it, I hear enough to be able to get into the performance. With another band, I play a full acoustic kit so I get them to send a monitor line to me for a bit of additional instrument presence but even without, the amps are loud enough to tell what's going on.

            I've personally never understood people not being able to deal with not hearing the stage sound with one ear, but of course we all have preferences.


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              Look here ;-)
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                You could very simply rewire the headphones to receive only the right side signal.


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                  Exactly. Though you don't even need to rewire them, just put a mono to stereo adapter between your headphones and the output. It's a $2 part and you're set.


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                    Originally posted by Kenster View Post
                    I'm questioning why he wants the click in BOTH ears? I'd rather have one clear to HEAR out of during the show!
                    I would normally agree with this, except that I've had wires on my in-ears fail during shows. If the click happened to be in one of the ears that failed, the show would trainwreck.