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    Hey guys, Its been a while since I have been here. I will try to stop in more often. I tend to drop in here to help me remember how to change my battery on my TD20

    I have been using my TD 20 kit for practice with vexpression patches. I always go to the trusty acoustic kit for live gigs. Our cover band usually plays large rooms or outdoor stuff. Starting to play smaller clubs and really want to try using the TD20 live to control some volume issues. We have a nice PA (QSC mains and sub), so not too worried about getting full sound from the kit. I am a little concerned about monitor mix with the setup. Should be able to dial that in with a little work.

    Couple of questions/concerns for the experts:

    1. Do most folks run mono out of the brain into a channel on the mixer? I have been running the TD20 mono directly into a mixer channel with a TRS instrument cable for rehearsals. Not sure if folks are running stereo from the brain or through DI boxes? I don't plan on taking individual outs into the mixer. Small venue means we run our own sound. Dial it up and go..

    2. I still find it difficult sometimes to get the Hi-hat to respond the same way an acoustic one does. Trying to get that half-open/half closed sound seems difficult at times. Not sure if there is a recommended setting that people seems to like. I tend to calibrate it and go..

    Sorry for the long post and I know some of this has been covered in the past via searches, but just hoping for some advice and maybe words of wisdom before our next gig..



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    1) read here, and I will try that next time.. kick panned hard one side, rest of the kit panned hard the other side... as booming kick can more often than not cause trouble with the PA. Bring both in as mono into the board to dial both separately.

    2) HH is the Achilles' heel of e-drums. From hard to impossible to dial in... will not behave like an acoustic HH anytime soon. That will need a major redesign from any of the companies out there.

    Enjoy the gigs!
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