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Halloween Bash

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  • Halloween Bash

    Here are some vids of my band playing a Halloween Bash. A friend of mine threw the party, so she said we could come and make some noise. I used a TD-6 base kit with a VH-11 hat and a DIY piccolo snare and 'floor' tom. Ran Addictive Drums into my macbook air with the Metal-Crispy Clean preset with a Simmons DA-200 to amp the drums. Please excuse all of the horrible screw ups and gaffs along the way. My kick pedal started moving about and we had to restart a song as a result of that and of course the singer's guitar broke a string.... good thing everybody was drunk.... If I could do it again I'd probably use a different preset on some of the songs but I went for simplicity. This is our first gig in 2 years and we had a great time. Played 5 covers and 4 originals. Thanks for watching.
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          Loving the TNG costume!

          Yeah, Halloween is all about having fun! Glad you guys had fun finally playing together after 2 years!
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