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Nothing compares to a good gig!

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  • Nothing compares to a good gig!

    My band was out and giggling a couple of weeks ago. We were opening for another famous band from Sweden on a big IT-event. All members in my band works for different IT-vendors in Sweden...so I am guessing that's why we got the gig. :-) and got paid!

    As usual when opening for somebody else...you have a low rating in the food chain...so we just borrowed two channels in the headlining bands PA. Our sound mixer is based on a Mackie DL-1608...where all members have their own monitor channel connected with a wireless in-ear system + their iPhone/iPad to control their listening. The PA sound is handled by our engineer out in the audience equipped with an iPad.

    All members are lined (no personal amps)...but they all have big bunch of pedals and effects for guitars, bass etc before entering the Mackie mixer. We are using some vocal effects from TC-helicon...

    For the drums I am using my ordinary equipment with a Sonor A-E drum set, (about 16 dual triggers) MegaDRUM TMI, AD2 for the drum sound, Surface Pro, 8 channel sound card where I am sending about 6 channels to the mixer. Kick, snare, hihat, effects, stereo oh. Good for our mixer guy to be able to control the sound.

    All mixer settings was set prior to the gig in the rehearsal room. So it was just to set up our gears...takes about 30 minutes including a short sound check....
    The responsible PA engineer for the famous band got a bit impressed of our sound...

    Results? Check it out!


    The sound is recorded on a Zoom H2 in the audience...but has a limiter function enabled so the sound is not 100% for the stereo recording.

    Happy x-mas to everybody!

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    Wow! Great sound, great band, well done!