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Improvising due to rain out

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  • Improvising due to rain out

    We got rained out of our stage...Dropped the gate on the trailer and improvised... I used the piccolo set all night with very little change and it sound so nice with the to monitors I had setting on each side of me... Then we set up up the subs and mains..and wow totally blown away with how it all turned out...And its also the first time in 17 years I have been on a stage or in front of folks..there was about 40 people under this pavilion that we worked at and they all had a great time and really complemented on the total sound...
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    feels great, doesn't it?

    It's all about passion.
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      Very cool. Please tell us about your kit. Also welcome to the forum.
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        Well done. Credit to you guys for having the attitude "the show must go on".


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          Thanks fellas.. I have a TD-30K with a DW3000 HH and a Tama Long-board 2X speed pedal and a Rock-N-Sock seat....I can set in that seat for hours and not get tired LOL!!! I love this forum! Some really helpful things in here!!!!!!!!
          TD-30K / Roland SPD-SX/ DW3000HH / Pearl 2X Pedal / Rock-N-Sock Throne


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            That's what I'm talking about!!! Now you'll have the bug to keep playing in front of crowds...it's the best! Post some more pics it looks like you did a great job and had an awesome time!

            K ;-)
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