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Direct Outs to Snake

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  • Direct Outs to Snake

    What is the best practice for connecting the direct outs to a snake?

    Can a 1/4" TRS -> Male XLR snake cable be used?

    I will be using all 8 direct outs.

    Do I need to go through a direct box? If so, I was looking at doing Module -> 1/4" TS snake -> 8 input direct box -> Male XLR snake -> FOH snake.

    I have been using separate cables into 4 "stereo" direct boxes and then separate XLRs to the snake. This is cumbersome and I'm relying on the sound guys "extra" stuff. I'd like to purchase and provide my own solution.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Yep..that'll work just fine. This is what I use. I made my own 32 channel from bulk Super Conductor Snake Cable (Can't remember where I sourced it from off hand)and bulk plugs. As far as the Direct Box...if you are less than say 25-50 max feet from your console...then you shouldn't need one. Anything over that...I would definitely use one.
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      Great! I appreciate the response fulrmr! So, just to clarify - something like any of these should work great:

      Keeping it under 25' or so.

      It'd be easier to just use the snake, instead of messing with a direct box and two snakes.



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        Then I read this from this thread:

        Module outputs are, in fact, UNbalanced, so a DI is a good idea where there is a long cable run to the mixer. It would also protect your module if phantom power is enabled on the mixer.

        If you don't have a long cable run, and can ensure that phantom power is not an issue, then a DI is not necessary.

        I always use an active DI box.
        Oh, what to do...


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          I'm looking to buy a short 8 channel snake to connect the 8 direct outputs from my TD-20 to a local mixer I will control, and then send a stereo mix to the band's mixer (not enough inputs on it to send the TD-20 outs directly to it). If my mixer has 8 XLR inputs should I get a snake that is 1/4" TRS to male XLR or should I go 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS? I'm looking at a 3' snake but may go 20' just in case.


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            you had it right....1/4" to xlr small snake and your done. I use that with my td-30 and have never had an issue.... I have connected it to our other board via a long 100ft snake and never had a problem.....Our new digital board sits on stage with me and our sound guy operates it through a ipad so the run is about 10 feet now....


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              I use direct boxes because it's a long run to FOH usually and it's nice to have a ground lift or phantom power options. I also like to convert to XLR and split my signal so I control my own stage mix without messing with the sound guy. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SDirectPlus

              Great value for a two channel box, imo. Four of them takes care of your 8 channels and is much cheaper than a rack mount unit. I just use double stick tape and a thin metal strap to secure them in my rack, never had an issue.
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