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NEED HELP! Recording drum tracks with td15

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  • NEED HELP! Recording drum tracks with td15

    Friend of mine on west coast has sent me 10 songs with no drums and wants me to track drums. Now i will record drums and send back to him. Problem is Td15 doesnt have individual outs which is what he would like for mixing purposes how can i do this?? Midi?? And if so how

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    The td15 will send midi and audio down the USB

    Get some DAW software for your computer (eg. Reaper - free for first 60days), plug the td15 into the computer (USB), load the DAW software, import the drumless tracks into your project, setup two tracks - one for your td15's audio, and one for the midi, assign the TD15 audio to the audio track, and the TD15 midi to the midi track...press record...

    after recording, you can render (ie. export) your drum track to a wav file for your mate. You can also pull out the midi for him to allow him to tweak anything if he wants.

    Reaper has plenty of useful quickstart guides which will help you do the above quite easily.

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      and don't forget to insert the drum VSTi of your choice.
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        Hi guys,

        I don't think we've answered the key question which was how he could record individual audio tracks for each drum into the DAW. If this is what you're looking to do, unfortunately, the TD-15 can't output individual drums. What it can do is sort of the opposite. Using the TD-15's mixer you can turn down various instruments to individually output one or many at one time through the L/R outputs.

        This will take some time, but here's how you can get it to work: Start with recording your drum performance as a MIDI track. Then you could playback that MIDI to the TD-15 and in the TD-15's mixer turn off all but the kick (for example), and record the kick audio back into a single track in your DAW. Then repeat this for the snare. I'd probably do all the toms as a single track next, then cymbals, etc. Of course, you can also make use of the L/R outputs in this manner and send two tracks to audio out, provided your computer audio-in and DAW let you direct those two inputs to individual tracks while recording. It should.

        Hope this helps.
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          the easiest way is to get a vst and record the midi.......... basicly you need some sort of external sound recording device with a midi in.... set that as the input to a track in your daw...... on the FX for that track you will load the vst... set the key map to the td15...... when you record you will record a midi track....... next you will route that all to individual tracks for each drum and then you will have seperate wave files for each drum in your kit................ a bit of a learning curve but save the template in your daw and every time after that you can record very easy


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            I use a TD15kv into Reaper via my focusrite liquid 56 audio interface MIDI in jack, buffer set to 256 samples all done on a 2009 mac pro, I use Steven Slate 4.0 sampler and have it set up to drop the outputs of each drum onto individual tracks within Reaper. SSD allows another layer of triggering sensitivity control as well as the Roland module so the results feel very realistic whilst playing and sound realistic once tracked. The above setup gives a total latency of around 6ms which is excellent for playing.

            here is a quick video of my setup I recently made

            http://chris-drums.com and a link to some more info about my setup etc.

            hope this helps!