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Need help to record e-kit at home

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  • Need help to record e-kit at home

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new in the forum, and I've been reading a lot about this in here and all across the internet, and can't find a straight explanation to what I intend to do. I'm going to describe my need with every possible detail I have in mind, to make things easier:

    A couple of days ago I've bought a Roland TD11k kit, and I'd like to record drum tracks for my band, to use with drumless songs, etc. My problem is that I want to connect my kit to the computer to save the drum sheets if possible, edit them if something is wrong (like in Guitar Pro), and I don't know which hardware I need to achieve this.

    Now some details about my gear:

    I'm on PC, with Windows 8 64bit, Core i7 Processor (3.4Ghz), 16GB DDR3 RAM, lots of space in 2 HHDs, Asus P8Z68 Deluxe motherboard with USB 2.0, 3.0 and Firewire native ports, and I'd like to use Cubase (5 I think) because I have a friend who records his acoustic kit with that software and I can ask him for directions when in need.

    I've been reading that some recommend to use a MIDI to USB cable, others to use a MIDI interface, and others say to use an external recording card would be the best. Since I don't know the pros and cons of those alternatives, It's hard for me to set up the correct layout.

    I'd also like to be able to use VSTs so I can adapt the sound of what I play to the needs of the song I'm recording.

    Could you please give some directions as what would I need to buy and how to set it up (what goes connected to what in which port)?

    Again, my intentions are to record anything I'd like to play on my e-kit and nothing else.

    Thanks a lot!
    Roland TD11k - Custom 6pc acoustic drum kit - several snares and cymbals

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    Hi and first, stay away from Presonus Audiobox interfaces. They are a great tool but Presonus does not update the drivers so you battle them every time you update your software.

    Are you only outputting from the TD11 or do you want to record anything else? I don't really know that module but are you able to go direct out of the USB into your computer? I'm able to do this with my TD30 and it's a stereo USB out that works perfectly.

    I know the TD11 has a USB but I don't know if it's an output for recording purposes like the TD30.
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      The TD11 is the same as the td30. The USB does both audio and midi. To record yourself

      1) instal the td11 USB driver

      2) get a DAW like reaper (free trial for 60 days) or similar

      3) load the drumless track into reaper and set up a track for midi and if you want, a track for capturing the td11 audio

      4) press record in reaper, you can play along to the drum less track whilst recording.

      5) edit the midi and correct mistakes...

      You can use vsts with reaper too
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        Yep, as easy as that! A USB cable from your TD11 to your PC. Find the driver on Roland's website. Cubase or any other DAW will do. Check YouTube for how-to videos, tons of them. Happy recording.
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          While recording and editing the midi notes is easy, I still haven't found the right software to show my drum track as a valid score sheet. I've tried Guitar Pro and Cubase.
          TD-11 with 1xPDX 100 and 2x 12" drum-tec Diabolo pads, VH-11, CY 15R, CY-8 + various VSTi's.


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            You are the best, guys. Seriously.

            I'll try everything at home during the weekend (work+school: nightmare) and I'll come back with the results.. and some questions probably LOL.

            Thanks a lot again!
            Roland TD11k - Custom 6pc acoustic drum kit - several snares and cymbals


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              I use Reaper. its free for 60 days but will continue with a splash screen for ever. And its dirt cheap to buy. VST is the only way to record . I use bfd3 but its about $350. The sounds I get people can not even tell its E-drums. My interface is a saffirepro-40 . its a bit over the top. I had a presonus a while ago and didn't hate it.


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                Hello everyone. I can't believe this thread is more than a year old, and I've never reported back with my results. After searching for the most comfortable solution, I've achieved to record my drum performances according to 2 different needs: When recording rehearsals with the band, I just use the stereo plug output jack into 2 mono plug jacks to a tascam audio interface (it has 16 channels and all the band is connected to that), and the Tascam goes straight to a PC with Cubase. Instead, when recording drum parts at home, I use a MIDI to USB interface to my laptop, in which I run Cubase 5 and Superior Drummer 2, with lots of sound packs (currently enjoying The Metal Foundry presets).

                Something I'm doing nowadays is adding pads to the kit, so that it stays as close as possible to my acoustic kit. I've built 2 splitter cables which I use for connecting 4 toms (I've added a PD8), and the 2 remaining cables (one of the toms connector and the extra input) are now connected to 2 CY8.

                Having purchased an ekit was one of the best decisions I've ever made! This is SO fun!
                Roland TD11k - Custom 6pc acoustic drum kit - several snares and cymbals


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                  Post some pics of your set up!!!

                  K ;-)
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