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Having trouble recording Superior Drums into ReaperI

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  • Having trouble recording Superior Drums into ReaperI

    I am trying to record a drum track with pre- recorded tracks off a CD to make a video tutorial.

    I am using a mac running 10.7 os i7 with 6 gb ram so i believe that should be more than sufficient.

    I am playing a TD-12 using a UM-One midi cable with no audio interface.

    I am more than happy enough with sound of the kit from the SD 2 mixing desk
    (using Metal Foundry with one of the proprietry presets)

    I have the CD track on 1 track and trying to record the drums on another track, this is where the
    problem is once i go to record there is static noise , dropouts and its a mess. I notice that the meter on
    the drum track is in red where as the CD track is aqua sort of colour ,which suggests to me that the drum track
    is too loud,but regardless of the setting of the volume it remains red. I suspect that it is something to do with the mix
    that is coming from SD 2 as the kit when loaded in SD 2 is around 1600Mb. Surely there must be a way to record this kit,
    as i really like the sound of this kit. If i use the standard kit it seems ok but i'm not very good at mixing
    (which i will have to learn),but i just want to be able to get these videos done for now.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    Thanks Dom
    TD-12 Mac os x 10.7 2.5Ghz 16Gb ram SD2 Avatar, Metal Factory, C & V, Steven Slate 4

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    Yes your hardware specs are enough (by a long shot) to do what you want to do.
    I do something very close to what you are doing - with Reaper & SD2 and on a 2009 MacBookPro, so I can tell you it should work with no problems (results are fantastic).
    I would suggest you start simple by just trying to record a MIDI track (forget about the CD track for now). Create a project with just a Midi Track hooked up to SD. Try to play something on the drums and see if you hear the right stuff coming out of the mixer/speaker/headphone. If something bad comes out, open up the SD track (click on the FX button of the track) and check that SD gets your MIDI notes correctly and that the mixer sliders are set appropriately.
    When you add the SD track to your project, you will be asked if you want each instrument in its own track or if you want to downmix to 2 tracks. Chose the latter for simplicity.

    Try that first and see what happens. If that works, you're halfway there.

    -- Greg


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      Thanks Greg

      I think i sorted it out, i only got Metal Foundry a couple of weeks ago and was playing around with it playing the kits with all the different presets. I wasnt shutting the mac down so i could jump on and off without having to load every time i wanted to play, so i had toontrack opened with a kit opened, then i was opening reaper and loading Superior Drummer which means that there was 2 lots of SD loaded. I closed toontrack down and seems to be working. What a dope !!! No wonder they make jokes about drummers. Thanks again.

      Loving Metal Foundry theres a couple of kits with the John Bonham sound F***ing Deadly
      TD-12 Mac os x 10.7 2.5Ghz 16Gb ram SD2 Avatar, Metal Factory, C & V, Steven Slate 4