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recording TD-30k on mac via usb-sound

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  • recording TD-30k on mac via usb-sound

    hello there!

    to start, i own a TD-30k, successfully patched it to 1.10 and done computer setup to receive stereo/midi from the kit. problem is that transmitting stereo via usb is rather new and Roland manual doesn't cover it at all , so i have to bother people with likely stupid questions.

    i use GarageBand on an oldish mbp, and the issue is that:

    1) when i record a track, the output that GarageBand records is totally not the same as what i hear via the phones (and it does rather sound like the phones-out has some effects on it, amplifier, maybe compressor also, while usb-audio-out does not and transmits straight line-out). it is very low and "sounds" differently. what can be the problem, is it really the matter of setting up effects for usb-out? i've got to admit that my phones are semi-professional (and apriori are much better in producing sound than common home equipment), but i hope _that_ is not the issue here.

    2) the kick-drum in the output that GarageBand records has lots of extra notes which i again don't hear via the phones when i play (i accept that my technique is far from perfect, but not that bad, eh ).

    i'd also appreciate any general tips on recording given the "kit/usb/macos" setup, like i dunno what, maybe common module settings, most used effects for mixing the output, something else. i've never used to do "home" recording before (and therefore don't really know anything about mixing and stuff), having played acoustic kits with mics and proper mixers in a studio (and hence delegating the mixing itself to more educated people), so anything is welcome .

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    Welcome to the forum, zam0th!

    1. For your issues regarding 'USB-connection', refer to pages 140 and 124 respectively, of your TD-30 manual:
    • • USB COMPUTER port outputs the same audio signal as is output from the MASTER OUT jacks.
    • (...)
    • • For details on adjusting the volume of USB audio, refer to “Digital Audio Level (GAIN)” (p.124).

    2. Shot in the dark, but: Have you tried re-adjusting your modules threshold settings?

    Happy Drumming!
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      1) yup, me stupid, already RTFM about the gain on USB COMPUTER setting (it's not in my manual however, it's in firmware patch notes ), so that's solved.
      2) i played a bit with threshold and different curves and it kinda helped, though maybe also worth checking retrigger setting.

      when i did that i realised another issue: even when the track volume is acceptable now, the kick drum sounds lot more like click, than a bass-drum. i tried couple of kits from presets, also tried to acceptably adjust trigger sens to no avail. i mean in my phones i can clearly hear the kick-drum being a kick drum and i can hear that it changes from preset to preset, but not on the recorded track.