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Excited for the acoustic triggers...

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  • Excited for the acoustic triggers...


    I almost wet my pants when i saw the new roland acoustic triggers...wow. It should be great. I can now keep the quality and eye candy of acoustic drums layered with electronic sounds....

    gotta go...gimme some opinions on this...

    A fellow percussionist...

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    What's to be excited about?

    Just as a funny question, why get so excited?

    Ddrum has great acoustic triggers out there already. I have used the cheap ones, the redshots on acoustic heads, mesh heads on acoustics and even practice pads. For about $40 a drum, you can convert anything into a mesh head-triggered drum.

    That's what first got me in to going to an electronic kit. Now, I ditched my acoustic and have a monster Concert set that is all electronic...

    But, hey, have fun with triggering. All I have to say is get cheap triggers and a GREAT module and you will be so happy.

    Pintech RS-5, Ddrum Redshots, even Acoustic guitar peizos will work on shells... Just have fun with the layering! It's a hoot!
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      THanx for the relpy. I understand ddrum has some good stuff to offer, but i am just curious as to the quality of the triggers. Cause i hate backtalk and crosstalk, it sucks. So i want something good. so yeah, and roland is pretty advanced...soo...it should be good...
      A fellow percussionist...


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        Roland ones should be ok.
        Ddrum have just been making acoustic triggers for a lot longer so no quality issues.
        Pretty much all major gigs where the drummer is triggering their acoustic kit are using the ddrum triggers (Red shots or the XLR connector ones) They may not be using the ddrum module but at least the triggers.

        I prefer the look of the ddrum ones, the Roland ones look pretty ugly to me - they're quite big as well...

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          This is true...My church has become willing to spend at least 7,000 dollars on an electronic rig for the new building. I told them because the building shape and size, it would be more suitable to use acoustic triggers layered with the acoustic sound, then at least you're only paying much less than half the price for the same purpose.

          I would have to agree that the roland triggers are rather ugly and technological looking, like its ahead of our time. But anway. Check ya lata
          A fellow percussionist...