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  • Apology

    I dont know where to start.

    This has been blown way out of proportion. I never knew it would come to something like this.

    Now before I say anything, I want everyone to understand that I am truly sorry for causing such a problem on the board. Please understand me, and understand that I'm sorry with everything I've got.

    So now that I read what "Algee" wrote, I can understand your responses. Of course, what "Algee" said wasn't that far off, and the responses to him were a little harsh. But Algee wan't here. "Algee" was in Boston for the whole holiday season.

    Everything that "Algee" said in the last 6 weeks wasn't written by Andy. It was all written by David, my older brother, home from school. Let's start from the top.

    On January 28, my dad and I went back up to Boston to visit Berklee. We stayed with his brother until yesterday when our flight came in. When I got on the forum, I saw everything that had happened. When we were gone, my brother came home from school and stayed here at the house. Lucky he's gone back to school now.

    Hoping for a few responses on the 'Ride Suggestion' thread, I found other posts made by me, or at least by "Algee". But I wasn't home. My brother and I had gotten in a fight right before I left, and having access to a forum he knows that I try to be a part of, he decided to make a little trouble.

    He knows that I'm always trying to do the bast I can with this, and so he goes in and takes, word for word, things we had walked about just the night before. The Yamaha drums...the professional recording thread. The little amount of drums he plays, he was able to carry on a full conversation about heads. And the professional recording thread was a bunch of bull****. He took all the words right from my mouth. But he knew that by laying down a bunch of cocky smart ass stuff about what I knew, he would screw me up. Oh, and did I tell you? He knows all your screen names and what you and I have talked about. Shep -- the whole fullsail deal. just for example. David recognized your names and knew just how to mess me up.

    In the end, I was furious and deeply saddened that the people that I've worked with to reach certain goals were putting me down for things that he said. I never knew he would take it that far, and not like that.

    So that's just long story short. But in the end, I want to appologize for the confusion and problems that Algee made. I want to still be an active member that won't be put down for what has happend here. I'm truely sorry and I ask for your forgiveness.

    I'm sorry.
    - Andy
    The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.

  • #2
    A "real" young Lad !

    You are being raised right evidently.
    I responded to one of your threads after a night of debochery !
    Doing something I don't do well, wich is drinking. I'm still embarassed about my rantings.

    Bemcoming a "real " gentleman takes in to account the feelings of others.
    Just think Ozzy bit a bat's head off and has been forgiven. LOL!
    You're cool with me.
    Now get out there and let them know who you are.


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      Thanks. I appreciate your response. I'm still really mad about the whole situation, and I just hope that I can get back on my feet and get back to the drums.

      Thanks, Andy
      The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.