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Studio headphone question

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  • Studio headphone question

    Whats up people? My question is kinda dumb but here it is. My band and I are wrapping up the studio that we just built from the ground up and before we put the walls together permanantly I was trying to figure out what to do about the headphone situation. One thing that is a must in this studio is that everyone have headphones while we rehearse so as to not kill our hearing. However, we run everything into a powered mixer and then into a computer but we arent sure how to get 5 to 6 sets of headphones running out of our setup considering there is only one headphone jack coming out of the mixer and the computer respectively. Any ideas on gear or cable splicing would be helpful. Thanks
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    You can use Headphone amplifiers, like the one from Behringer (sorry I can't remember the model's name). We use it at the studio and it's quite good and cheap

    It has four outputs with individual volume and tone setting (bass and treble). You also have an AUX input in each headphone channel. Check it out at www.behringer.com

    I think that you can also find a similar product from Samson www.samsontech.com . These brands are known for producing cheap but good products (ok, flame me here ).

    Run a cable from the headphone jack in your mixer (or AUX out if you have one available) and connect it to the input of one of these amplifiers. Then just plug in your headphones and voila!



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      Samson: Q5, 5 channels stereo amplifier. Allows to "daisy chain" several Q5s.

      Behringer: Powerplay Pro HA4600. 4 channels stereo amplifier each one with stereo AUX input, mono/stereo and left/right mute selector, balance volume, bass abd treble controls.
      The AUX inputs allows to send different monitor mixes to each musician. If you have several AUX out in your mixer you can set up different mixes with each AUX and send it directly to the headphone amplifier's channels.
      You also have two more outputs for each headphone channel at the rear panel). Parallel main outputs allows to cascading several units.

      Hope it helps,


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        Musician's Friend has that HA4600 for $99 at the moment. Seems like two would be a great deal and set you up rather well.
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          Thanks a lot guys! That is one of those things I had never really thought about until now. Thanks again. Peace
          I treat my opponents like my drums, they always take a well timed beating.--- the Killa Klown---