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Newbie Recording Question - TD 8 and SBLive

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  • Newbie Recording Question - TD 8 and SBLive


    Now that I've gotten used to my edrums for a month or so, I am begging to do a bit of recording to my PC. I've done a brief search for my question but didn't come up with what I was looking for.

    Here goes...

    With my TD-8, what is the best way to record into the SB Live soundcard? I have a very basic setup and am running the TD8 direct to the computer with nothing in between. I laid a few tracks down using a Y cable from the Master outs to a single stereo cable into the "microphone" input on the SB Live. (I think this is only a mono input)

    Would it be better to use the "line in" input on the soundcard? Also, what would you all suggest for the best output configuration for the TD-8? (ie. use just the master output to the card or a combination of all 4 - remember, I have no mixer or multi input soundcard)

    BTW I'm using just Magix Music Studio 7 - only played around with the AudioStudio and have not yet ventured into midi.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Dave Snapp

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    You'd do better to use the 'line in' on the sound card.

    Down the road when you feel adventursome (I've yet to try this myself, but many folks here have) instead of recording the audio from your TD8, record the MIDI (cable from the MIDI out on the TD8 to the joystick port on your SBLive). That way you have more 'mixing' possibilities in post-production.
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      Thanks Ranman I'll try the line in again. I attempted it early on but was having trouble getting a signal into the computer.

      As far as midi goes, I think I'll give that a go this weekend and see all the possibilities there.