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V-session or acoustic triggers?

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  • V-session or acoustic triggers?


    I need some wisdom on this issue i've run into. I've weighed the pros and cons of v-session verses acoustic triggers. And honestly, i would really like to have the v-session. But something inside me is telling me that v-drums are perhaps, "girly". As my lead singer sometimes says.

    Here is the deal, i just need a set that i can double for live and recording apps. I've considered the Redshot triggers from clavia, i've heard some of the ddrum signature sounds, and they're phenominal. But the downfall of the A-triggers is that there is sometimes backtalk, double-triggering. Especially if you play with as much accent, strength, and technique as I do.

    So if you could give a shout as to what would be more suitable. Some info about my band: My band is a mix between Lifehouse, with a tinge of poprock, and the simplicity of creed. Our stuff is pretty heavy, but not "korn" heavy. its like a creed heavy, BUT NOT IN ANY WAY LIKE CREED. And there ya go.

    Also, what module should i go with. TD-10 with its 128 levels of velocity, or the ddrum 4 with its 1000 levels of velocity. Please help...
    A fellow percussionist...

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    Get the sessions. Get a cheap bass drum and put it in front (but use the E-kick). Put a real he-man type logo on the bass drum head to impress your lead singer. You will be surprised at how the addition of the bass drum will transform the appearance of your kit. Throw some colored spinning lights on the kit and you will become an instant chick magnet.

    (I'm serious on adding the drum for appearance.)

    ps: read some posts about the 1000 points of light, velocity levels or whatever. It's mostly bogus.
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      Don't forget the goggles

      I'm still in stiches over what Boingo suggested !
      LMAO !


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        I understand your point about looks. But my style of drumming doesn't call for all the sensitivity. I just want an acoustic look but professional sounds. And my pearl export isn't footing the bill.

        So i am considering a v-session. Considering the strength i play at, would i "hurt" the v-session?
        A fellow percussionist...


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          Hi! I was in a similar situation. I wanted an acoustic look, but wasn't happy with MY accoustic sound.

          After reading a ton of posts, both here and at ddrums.com I pretty much have everything worked out.

          I went with ddrum for the sounds, not saying it's better...but better for my situation, acoustic drums for the look, mesh heads to deaden the sound(don't have yet, but use regular heads for now), redshot triggers, and all hart ecybal II's(they look like real cymbals).

          I also packed the drums with packing peanuts to absorb more sound.

          I am supposed to get in the rest of my stuff today or tomorrow and can post a pic if you like.

          I was triggering a similar set up before this new one and it was AMAZING!!!! I truly loved it.

          On a side note, my kit looks sort of like scott's from creed.

          if you want a "rough" sound demo go to ddrums and search under this same name i use here. I posted a friend an mine just messing around. I am geeting closer to the creed sound myself.

          Any questions, just ask! I'm don't know as much as a lot of people on this board, but have learned A TON already from them.

          Good luck!

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            Originally posted by ChadHipas
            I am supposed to get in the rest of my stuff today or tomorrow and can post a pic if you like.
            Please do!!
            My website...
            VCustom kit,
            TD8 + Aphex Impulse,
            HDI Cymbals.
            A great site: eDrumming.com


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              Here is a link to the discussion. http://www.ddrums.com/discussion/For...ML/000422.html

              It was a brief discussion about me first day or so with the mod.

              PLEASE read th disclaimer

              There are only three kinds of people in this world, those who can count and those who can't!



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                awsome, please give me any sound samples


                thanx for all the posts. You guys were to the point. Umm...if you could gimme some links to some demos that you've created. This will better decide for me what kinda drumset to buy. Thanx so much.

                DDRUM sounds like good solution. By itself it probably sounds really bad, but mixed with other elements like guitar, bass, and pianos and stuff...you can't tell the difference much. So thank you...

                my proposed set-up will be:

                A pearl export, toms(12 x 9, 16 x 14) bass drum(22 x 16) module(ddrum 4) with redshot triggers). I'll prolly use acoustic cymbals rather than electric...

                Also, if you can give some tips on what to buy...
                A fellow percussionist...


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                  Actually IMHO the ddrum sounds great on it's own...depending what samples that is. But so much of this is personal preference.

                  The sounds on that mp3 i posted, i think, sound pretty bad. Well...not the sounds so much as the lack of mix. There are MUCH better sounds than that.

                  The V's also have some truly amazing sounds to them. I just don't own one...yet

                  I would post some of just me playing, but i smashed my index finger in the car door tihs morning. Son of a .....!!!!!

                  Anyway, I would love to hear some v's posted from players.

                  Come on guys!!!

                  There are only three kinds of people in this world, those who can count and those who can't!



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                    DFH (toontrack) samples sounded good...


                    There are these samples called toontrack samples. they were recorded from an acoustic set, by an awsome drummer. When i had first heard what they sounded like, thats exactly the sound i want. http://drumkit.toontrack.com/ Check it out. Its awsome.

                    The only thing about samples is that these samples don't take advantage of dynamics. All samples there were multisampled. with soft to hard hits and so on...

                    So yeah, good samples will go a long way. umm...yeah. I think i know what I want, and still if someone could prove to me that v-drum sounds and dynamics are better than that of the d-drums, please tell me, show me, let me hear to difference. This is thousands of bucks, that i am getting ready to expendiate.

                    A fellow percussionist...


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                      hello again! I did what you are doing....listening and trying to find everything i could about what was available. Personally, I don't think either system is perfect...but neither are accoustics, so...that much said...

                      I downlaoded a bunch of demo songs from each. Vdrum has a pretty good number of them to listen to. I will say I was impressed for sure! The shear number of sounds, and extras you get with vdrums is GREAT...inputs for starters!!!! I have no idea where I got the MP3's from. You can do a search on here or ask around. If you still can't find them, let me know. I will email you what i have.

                      To hear some ddrum demos you can go to www.ddrum.com/MP3s/index.htm#ddrum
                      I just post it because i couldn't find much on them. These were recorded directly out from the module, so what you hear is what you get...aside from the skills of the players! The "CrillanSolo" did it for me.

                      I hope this helps!

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                      There are only three kinds of people in this world, those who can count and those who can't!



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                        Hey frs,

                        Check this out. I recorded this in Cakewalk while screwing around one night. Not too bad for an amateur. The guys that I jam with (basement band) didn't know I was playing V's or even believe that it was me playing.


                        I have been using the V's for about 6 months now and I am still amazed at what they can do.