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Midi up VDrums

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  • Midi up VDrums

    I trying to get a set of VDrums Midied up with Logic Audio 5. I'm having problems getting the Midi to play back. It appears to record because the Midi notes are recorded in Logic.

    Please help. I'm thinking there is one setting I'm missing.

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    Sounds like you have missed to set the output MIDI-interface and MIDI-channel in Logic. That's the channel that your V-Drum box will respond to incoming signals on. If you don't have any other MIDI equipment connected and there is a "ANY" channel option - that should probably do it.

    I haven't used Logic, but I have used my old TD-7 with Cubase, and that was no problem.

    I'd be interested to hear about your results timingwise. I don't have the best soundcard around (Turtle Beach Santa Cruz). There wasn't any problems recording the midistuff as long as I turned of the sound off the output midi while recoring. My soundcard obviously introduced some latency there.

    I thought that was quite alright, until I made a recording with click...what the heck I thought - do I really play this lousy???

    It was the damn latency again - it doesn't take much to get a drumhit totaly out of time....

    Anybody else that have experience with this? Is there any possibilty to set up some kind of play ahead in the sequencer or something, to get the timing right. Or is the only option to go and get a new soundcard (I'll probably do that anyway, but I don't have the money right now)

    Tama Starclassic Maple, TD-7 with a few pads, Thinkpad with a MOTU 896HD


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      MIDI up VDrums

      I'm not sure what you are saying. I have setup the VDrum as a midi instrument. I records but does not play back. I have several other midi instruments configured. They work fine. Not sure why the VDrum is not playing. Is there an internal VDrum configuration I'm missing?

      In regard to your latency problem, you have two options:

      Option - 1. Decrease your buffer size. This will decrease your latency. The down side of this configuration is you will receive digital cracks in your audio recording. If you are only recording Midi tracks this should work for you. You can edit digital cracks out of your mix in most digital editing software packages. This takes a long time if you are recording lots of tracks. Using Logic, I use the hyper draw tool. Works great!

      High Level Recommendation
      - Decrease Buffer Size - Less latency more digital cracks
      - Increase Buffer Size - More latency less digital cracks

      Option - 2. Purchase a sound adapter with zero latency. I use the Delta 66. This adapter is great!. The quality of your audio is incredible. When they say zero latency they mean it. I used the Gina audio adapter in the past. The quility was no where near that of the Delta 66. Using the Gina I would decrease the buffer size to record vocal tracks. I would address all digital cracks during the editing phase.


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        I found a parameter on my TD-7 that is called MIDI-IN. This obviously has to be set to on, if it is to work. Maybe that's what's missing.

        Regarding the latency problem - I found the problem: I was recording to the audio-click of the sequencer. This is obviously played back as an audio-file through the soundcard, which has some unavoidable latency (I have tweeked the buffers).

        Setting the click to use the TD-7's click instead worked excellent!

        I could then use the midi-tracks to trig a sampler with the Drumkit from Hell samples loaded - and bang - live drums (almost, at least). When trigging the sampler, I then need to use the audio-click again - else it will be back out of sync

        I'm a happy man again now
        Tama Starclassic Maple, TD-7 with a few pads, Thinkpad with a MOTU 896HD


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          Make shure to select the correct adaptor, on the arrange windows select the midi track and at your left you'll see the details of the track. Just under the "Icon" selection tick you'll see the midi output device selection. Click on it to see all options and selct the one that it's connected to the TD-10. Make sure the Midi output from the PC is connected to the Midid input in the TD-10.
          In my case I have the two ports from my Motu Midi Flyer and also an internal Midi map (uses PC sounds). If I connect my Vdrums to port B in my Motu then I have to select it here.

          Hope it helps.
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