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Demos of vdrums in the mix + triggering samples

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  • Demos of vdrums in the mix + triggering samples

    Hi guys!

    I'm looking into getting a set of v-drums in the medium-term. I currently have a little home studio set-up, using my PC as a DAW (Athlon 1.6ghz, 256MB Ram, Audiophile 2496, Sonar, Sonic Synth), as long with a MIDI keyboard, guitars and a bass. I play all my own stuff and I like the results I'm getting, but the weakness I've identified is the drums. The only way I can get the drum track I want is by programming it in Sonar, and I find that it just loses all spontaneity - sitting down in front of a PC, clicking the mouse when you want each hit. I can try to play them on my keyboard, but I don't really like doing that. So, I need that spontaniety back, and the only way is by playing the drums on an actual drumkit!!

    V-drums are the answer (due to the problems of noise and having enough mic's for the real thing). I'll be looking at the budget end - TD6 or DTXpress. I did used to play drums a little bit, but guitar is my main instrument. I'm OK and I can lay down a decent drum track, but getting a v-drum would obviously help me practice too. I tested the two kits mentioned out at the weekend and I have to say I'm leaning towards the Yamaha - mainly due to the better snare that comes with it.

    Anyway, I know that playing the drums yourself is the best way to try them out, but I really would like to hear their studio use which isn't something I can do until I get some. Do any of you guys have or know of any samples that I can listen to of the TD6 of DTXpress in the mix?...and more importantly I'd really like to hear how they sound in the mix triggering some high quality drum samples on a soft-sampler. I have looked through the archives but have lots of talk about triggering soft-samplers but no links to demos/ tracks using this technique. I saw some guy's post from about a year ago using a DTXpress to trigger the Drumit from Hell sample CD - I'd love to hear this, but the link didn't work anymore.

    I was impressed with the kits in Yamaha and Roland modules, but I have got much better sounding kits on my PC. I'd love to hear these being triggered to see how much better they sound. Latency isn't an issue so I think this may be the way I want to go, but I'd still like a module for that plug 'n play feeling!


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    i have no samples to offer(lazy computer thing)but i'll say this.....i've mic'd and such........never,NEVER have i come close to the sound i get outta my v's.they cut thru like butter.fyi i use a digital recorder........usually have keys bass guitar and the v's............i actually have to tone the drums down sometimes........and rarley have to boost any drum tracks unless i dorked the settings(in the mix) in the first place.
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      My primary instrument is guitar. I bought a Yamaha DD55 set last december to see if I could get the hang of drumming. About a month later, I bought a V-Club kit.

      http://www.soulspun.com has some recordings that were made shortly thereafter. The latest was done around April. "Miss My Baby" was not done on my V-Club kit. The other three were. I recorded the tracks dry (no reverb) in stereo, versus recording to a MIDI sequencer, and playing back individual sounds to separate tracks to have more control over the mix. I'm pretty happy with the results. On my next recordings, I will probably play with a multi-band compressor on the drum tracks to try to tighten them up a bit.

      I have tried triggering some samples on a hardware sampler, and had some very nice results.

      IMHO, the TD6 has better sounds than the Yamaha, and you can always add a dual-zone snare to your V-Club kit.