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Anyone got Cakewalk Music Creator 2003?

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  • Anyone got Cakewalk Music Creator 2003?

    Trying to decide between Cubasis VST 4.0 and Cakewalk Music Creator 2003... Music Creator seems to have a nicer interface and is about half the price, but Cubase/Cubasis seems to be the golden standard. I've tried the demo version of Cubasis 3.0, and while it's not too hard, it's not the best UI either. I find it hard to record one and two-bar tracks from the TD-10 in sync with Cubasis' click track.

    Anyway, I want to record of MIDI and Audio tracks from my TD-10, and mix them on the computer (create loops, add effects, rearrange parts, etc.) but only have time for something entry level/hobbyist-level (I won't be trying to create professional stuff). Just something I can use to compose patterns and drum tracks on the computer as opposed to doing it "by hand" using the TD-10's sequencer.

    Anyone have any opinions/advice?

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    I'm not familiar with Cakewalk Music Creator, but i've heard that Cakewalk Home Studio is one of the best $90 sequencers out there. I use Sonar 2.0 myself and the stability in WinXP is impressive. The combination of WDM drivers - Sonar - and WinXP is the best that i've seen for a PC platform. I'm a former Cubase 5.0 user and I switched after months of instability in Windows.

    The only argument that I can see for Cubasis is the native support for VST instruments. If you want to use VST instruments in Home Studio you should purchase the FXpansion VST wrapper(I use it in Sonar 2.0 and it works flawlessly).

    Cakewalk's Home Studio is just a stripped down version of Sonar...so naturally Home Studio wins my vote

    Here's a link for ya--------->

    Need to find something? Let the Musician's Friend site map guide you to the products you're looking for.
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