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    Hello all! I am in desperate need of a MIDI crash course. I am trying to record my drums from a TD3 using a midi to usb cable to Reaper. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing at all, and wondered if anyone could give a step by step guide as to what to do to record MIDI from a TD3 to Reaper? If I can get this working I am looking at getting EZDrummer to help make my kit sound a bit better.

    Oh and just in case you wondered, I am using a PC
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      Thanks alot! Muchly appreciated


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        Sorry for the double post.

        I am obviously doing something wrong, but being a noob I have no idea what.

        I have my midi to usb cable plugged into the midi out of my TD3 and into a USB port on my laptop. I have got ezdrummer and drumkit from hell. I open up Reaper, and thats where I am stuck lol. I have no clue how to set up which pad is which sound etc. Any help would really be appreciated. For some reason, when I hit record, it's not recording anything from my TD3 at all. Please help!


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          Originally posted by kezlehan View Post
          I open up Reaper, and thats where I am stuck lol.
          Can you launch the ezdrummer plug-in once you have Reaper open?

          That'd be your next step. Make sure ezdrummer is installed and that the plugin is in the correct location, then launch the ezdrummer plugin from inside Reaper. I don't use Reaper myself, so I can't be much more help than that, but from your post it looks like thats your current holdup...


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            Install Toontrack Solo
            After that it should fire right up with your drums

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              Thanks for the replies. Yes I can launch ezdrummer from inside reaper. I don't have toontrack solo installed, so thats probably where I'm going wrong! Cheers


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                Toontrack Solo is so you don't have to have Reaper, Cubase, etc.,in order to play your kit. If you can open EZDrummer in Reaper, you don't have to have TT Solo at all. So that's not really where you're going wrong. Toontrack Solo gives you the ability to play EZDrummer with your VDrums and that's it. It has no recording abilities. For that, you need to get EZDrummer set up properly in Reaper. The Reaper User Guide can be downloaded here. Page 76 illustrates how to record MIDI, and page 78 illustrates how to record MIDI using VST, or VSTi plug-ins. Good luck.
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                  Thanks for that!