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Noob Cubase Question About 8 Channels With TD-20

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  • Noob Cubase Question About 8 Channels With TD-20

    Hey, there! I recently picked up an 8 pre-amp recording interface to use the 8-channel outs on my TD-20 for recording my music.

    I use Cubase SX3 to record but I'm pretty noob-ish to its ins and outs. Can someone tell me how to setup the audio channels in Cubase to receive all 8 channels from the TD-20?

    Since the outs on the TD-20 seems to be 4 individual outs for kick, snare, ride, hi-hat and two stereo outs for toms and cymbals, to equal eight mono outs, I'm assuming I need to use 6 audio tracks in Cubase - 4 mono and 2 stereo - with track one routing input 1; track 2 routing input 2; track 3 routing input 3; track 4 routing input 4; track 5 routing input 5 and 6 in stereo; and track 6 routing input 7 and 8 in stereo. But, how do I set such things in Cubase?

    Any suggestions would help a lot. Thanks!

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    hi first of all this the behringer ada8000. What audio interface as you using? and Im going to presume this has the facility to accept 8 inputs?


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      Never mind I figured it out.

      For anyone else needing to apply multiple channel audio tracks to Cubase go to the "VST Connections" under the Devices tab of Cubase then add as many stereo/mono busses as you need and change their "device ports" to whatever channel you need to correspond to which in on your interface.


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        which 8track unit are you using? is it usb2 or firewire? cheers.


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          What rebeat asked.

          As another Cubase SX3 user, I'm glad you discovered the miracle that is the VST Conections area of the program. We have some resident Cubase expertise in here although the real experts on in the various Cubase forums.

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            Only asked your setup to get a picture of how you were doing it to give you the simplest answer, for example whether they were actual inputs to explain what you could see our "virtual inputs" like from an adat cable. Yes do that like you said what you what then on the track at the left choose your input for the channel you are on.


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              I'm using an M-Audio ProFire 2626.

              One weird thing I'm experiencing with using the direct outs is that they are WAY quieter than the stereo outs. In fact I found that the digital out was a lot quieter too. Even when I turn the volume all the way up on the TD-20 and the level dials all the way up on the ProFire it's not clipping in Cubase. When I was using the stereo outs the volume is how you'd think it would be. The difference, though, is that when I was using the stereo outs I was using, I think, a 15 foot balanced (may have been 12 feet. Oh, and I know the outs on the TD-20 aren't balanced, though) cable but with the direct outs I'm using a cheap, 25 foot, unbalanced snake that I made myself. The cord I was using for the digital out was a standard 15 foot RCA cable. Maybe the cable is too long to maintain proper signal strength?


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                You should be able to raise the level enough in Cubase,but you could also turn up the master and instrument volumes inside of the td20,unless you have done that already. I always find myself putting a multiband compressor on the drum mix to get them to sit right.