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Good , yet basic and cheap PC audio Card for Recording Drum traks

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  • Good , yet basic and cheap PC audio Card for Recording Drum traks

    Hi Folks ,

    Im into some recordings and in need of a good card to plug in a TD 12

    I need basic stuff like get able to pan the diferents sounds and have a single track per trigger or sound , like if u would use 10 mics on an acoustic kit

    Im thinking maybe something of M-Audio , but dunno what works with what and wich are compatible with roland and soft. like Superior Drums

    What do u guys use and recommend ??


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    I'm not sure if you intend to go a stereo out from your drum brain ("basic recording") or are you saying you want to record 10 separate tracks at the same time (not cheap or basic)?

    The little M-audio usb cards are stable and work well for the price. Generally $99 and up. 2in/2out boxes that will get the job done. Look for one with some bundled in software if you ened that kind of thing.

    Panning is generally done at the software level and can be done during or after recording.

    OR you could get a analogue mixer and pan and mix down to stereo into a cheap usb card. Might add more line noise though.

    Hope it helps.


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      M-Audio cards a good for the $ in my experience. Get one with a software bundle that works for you. Might want to get one that has midi I/O ports for triggering software.


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        I was thinking about cards like delta1010 or Fast Track wich goes for 200 aprox

        What i dont understand its : I cant have all the triggers make their own track going trough the midi out in the module? Do i have to get a 10 midi in card and plug the pads and stuff there ??

        Thx for the help!


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          I agree with the M-Audio suggestions.
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            I have a TDW20 plugged into a presonus firestudio project so its 10 in and 10 out , to bad the td12 have only 4 output , I dont think you can seperate the midi signal from the td12 to get 10 individual track , maybe i am wrong but here how I record

            my setup is like that
            track 1 ,bass drum from tdw20 output 1
            track 2 ,snare from tdw20 output 2
            track 3 ,hi hat from tdw20 output 3
            track 4 ,ride from tdw20 output 4
            track 5 stereo ,tom from tdw20 output 5/6
            track 6 stereo ,cymbal from tdw20 output 7/8
            track 7 stereo ,ambiance from tdw20 main output


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              I'm running an M-Audio Delta 1010 (rack mount version). It's 8 inputs and 8 outputs. The unit runs smooth as silk and has a PCI card as a controller that goes in your computer. (hell I liked it so much I bought 2 more and now have 24 tracks).

              There is a single PCI card version of this (about $200.00). This unit is pretty good as well but a bit noisier then the rack mount unit.

              The smaller M-audio units don't have the same components as say the 1010 Rack or the 1010LT. They also don't have the same sound quality as their big brothers.

              Just some thoughts

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                RIDER "What i dont understand its : I cant have all the triggers make their own track going trough the midi out in the module? Do i have to get a 10 midi in card and plug the pads and stuff there ??"
                Not in quite the way you are thinking (at least not on my cheapo td6), but in a sense you always get multitracks.

                When I record in say Ableton Live with my kit, each drum I hit has its own "midi track" on a piano editor. EX: kick drum = middle c on a piano. Snare = g3 on a piano. This is because each of the drums corresponds to a note value. What that means for you ultimately is that each drum will have its own "track" if you look at it from a piano perspective. This allows you to edit each drum hit once it is recorded

                If you are visual:


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                  Yeah, you definitely don't need a multiple in/out audio interface to do what you're wanting. The only time you'd require that is if you were micing an acoustic kit and had to run each mic into its own channel to be mixed/EQ'd individually within your software. The PreSonus FireStudio or something similar would be the ticket for that scenario.

                  But all you really need is something like a M-Audio 2496 PCI audio card. It has a breakout cable that you attach to it which has a MIDI in/out port, so you could run MIDI in from your module into the sound card. Then, in software such as Ableton Live (the only one I really have experience with) could make a separate MIDI track for each drum and just choose the MIDI note value for that drum. Then you'd be able to have more control over the whole drum kit sounds.

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                    Hey guys thx for all the replies!

                    So yeah that confirms in a way what i tougth , all i need its agood card internal or external with midi in

                    With that single midi i can use something like session dummer to trigger samples from the pads and be able to edit each one right ??


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                      yeah. Recording the midi way lets you easily quantise, or tweak then commit to audio.

                      Or instead of superior drummer software you could run the midi out back to the td12 and trigger its original sounds maybe in two passes for example:
                      1st take kick, snare, rack tom, floor tom
                      2nd take hihat, ride, crash, ?

                      Then edit the audio.

                      However you would need to spend your cash on say BFD and a midi interface or an audio interface with 4 inputs and midi.

                      Chip in with any different opinions people, I still like to see how other people do it.


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                        I would recommend the E-mu 1212m. Probably the best bang for the buck would be the E-mu 1616m as you can pick these up in the $200 range used if you watch for them. The 1616m laptop version can be used as a pci version or laptop version. Although the laptop pcmcia card is becomming outdated, an adaptor is available for the new spec. A pci-pcmcia adaptor is available for the desktop environment-about $36 and works perfectly. Google these E-mu products for more information.
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