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When recording how can the "voice" click be used..

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  • When recording how can the "voice" click be used..

    My band is recording using Cakewalk Sonar and I'm wanting to use the TD-10's voice metronome to record my part. How do you midi them up together to get this result?


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    OK, I have Sonar and TD-10's, but can't check it out until tomorrow night.

    VSessions2, what exactly do you want to have happen?

    Just count 1,2,3,4 over and over ad nauseum?

    Then use that audio file to track drums against?

    I haven't messed around too much with the midi, but I did create a loop to play against that only had 4 parts and I just have it trigger the head and rim sounds of the 2 unused aux inputs. You could try something like that.

    $pace @ce


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      There is a work-around:

      Edit a percussion set on the TD-10, so that it includes the voices you want to use. Write down the note numbers of the voices...


      One - F#1
      Two - G1
      Three - G#1

      Next, in Cakewalk create an empty track. Make sure that the track's output goes to your midi out and is set to channel 10.

      Open the track to manually edit it. Create, (as in the list above) a note F#1 on the first count of the first measure. Put a note G1 on the second count etcetera. If you've done one measure, just copy it a lot of times.

      That should work!



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