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BFD Not learning or responding to hits from TD-6

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  • BFD Not learning or responding to hits from TD-6

    I have Pro Tools with a MBOX2. BFD is loaded and sounds great. I can click on the kick pieces in BFD and hear all of them with the different velocities. When I connect to the MBOX w/MIDI from the td-6 kit, nothing happens. Like I forgot to hook the cable up. I am sure I have to tell pro tools that it is talking to this type of device....but do not know how. I have been told I might need a driver from Rolands sight, but have not found anything I need. Any thoughts? I spent quite a bit of time searching first, but I could easily just be phrasing my query wrong. Any help/instruction would be appreciated even if it begins with "you are a complete idiot......"

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    First of all, welcome to the forums and secondly, you are not an idiot.
    The only dumb question is the one unasked...

    That being said, 2 things come to mind... have you tried using the forum search engine to see if there is anything that might help you discover the problem? And secondly, multiple postings across the forums are unnecessary, not to mention poor etiquette. Most of us use the 'New Posts' link every time we visit the forums, so we'll see everything thats gone on since our last visit. That shows 'everything' new, regardless of which forum it's been posted in.

    I wish I could offer some suggestions to actually fix your problem, but ProTools is a Mac application, and I'm a PC guy. I'm sure someone will have some suggestions for you, but you'll definitely get more enthusiastic help if your post demonstrates what you've done to try to help yourself first.

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