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Mac Audio MIDI Setup question

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  • Mac Audio MIDI Setup question

    (First poster)... I'm Hooking up my Roland TD-20 MIDI cables to my Mac via either a MOTU micro lite or M-Audio FastTrack Pro. Both the MOTU and M-Audio devices are USB.

    Both cases, when I run the "Audio MIDI Setup" utility which comes with OSX I get the MIDI interface to show up, but the Roland TD20 does not show up. I thought it was going to appear as a device auto-magically, but it doesn't. I attached a snapshot of the Audio MIDI setup utility window.

    If I click the Test Setup button and click on the Midi output on channel 1, the drum machine plays and likewise when I hit my drums, the Mac will play some beeps so I'm pretty sure things are wired correctly. "Rescan MIDI" does nothing. I tried both USB ports on my MacBook Pro as I've read both ports are not equal.

    Do I need to install a Roland MIDI device driver so the Mac sees the TD20?

    Do I need to manually add the TD20 by hitting the "Add Device" button?
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    It's normal that the MIDI interface should appear, but not the Roland TD-20. What actual problem do you have?

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      Thanks Bruce. Sounds like I'm ready to sequence. Was hoping there was an auto detection mechanism for the drum machine. Just starting to learn Mac sequencers.