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TD-10s to TD-20's?

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  • TD-10s to TD-20's?

    Hi -

    I am currently using the TD-10's for recording which have given me reasonable results --- I am considering upgrading to the TD-20's however cannot decide if the upgrade would even be worth while........ Is the sound quality that much better?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I can't comment on this directly but others have before and the results are, as you'd expect, mixed. Some folks rave about how much better the 20 sounds over the 10. A few haven't been all that wowed.

    A couple of alternatives you should consider:

    1) Get a VSTi pack like BFD or EZD. I've done plenty of recording with my exp TD10 and even something as 'plug and play" as EZD sounds tons better, particularly with cymbals, or

    2) Get a VEX pack and see how it sounds.

    Doing either of the above (or both) is a helluva lot cheaper than getting a TD20. Actually, if you sell your TD10, that'll offset the cost of a 20.

    My attitude with the 12 or the 20 is that you upgrade for the technical aspects those modules provide (interval control being one) and not necessarily for "how much better" the samples sound.

    But, ask another 20 edrummers and you'll get 25.78 opinions.

    TD-12, DTX502, SD1000, EZDrummer, Diamond Drum 12" snare, S1000 toms/cymbals/kick, PCY10/100/135/155, CY-5/14, Hart Ride, Hart Acupad 8" kick, Epedal Pro II, Concept 1 pads/cymbals, SD1000 & Roland V Sessions racks, PD-7, Kit Toy 10" splash, DMPad ride, SamplePad, PerformancePad Pro


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      Thanks Grog -

      The main issues I'm having with the 10's - no matter how hard/soft I'm hitting the pads the end result is always unpredictable as some of the hits come thru really weak while others come in perfectly - almost as if I'v gotta whack the heck out of'em to assure a full signal makes into Pro Tools.... I then try correcting the weaker hits with Drumagog but its really not a fix as Drumagog reads the waves the same way (some weak, some full)...... I'v done the whole copy & paste thing which is pretty tedious but even then I don't feel like I'm getting the drum sound I'm looking for.......

      Maybe you can offer me a "rule of thumb" approach to getting a good, solid sound? Should I maybe run some type of NORMALIZE over the tracks ?

      Man, you obviously know what you're talking about - I'd love to send you one of my session files for a more extensive opinion....? I'd even pay you for your time.... you obviously know your shiznicks.......

      Thanks again... you've always been a ton of help here.

      OKAY -- 10 minutes after this post I went ahead and exported a 1 minute chunk of the latest drum track that's driving my nerves...... Basically - I'm hoping you hear this and say something like "drums sound fine, you're being too picky and/or don't know how to blend it into the mix of the song"......... VERSES "You're right, there is something wrong here, you should investigate it further"........... FYI --- I went ahead and pulled off all the plugins, drumagog, compression, reverb --- this is the original TD-10 tracks I started with...... Does it sound "like it should"
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