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New Monitors! KRK VXT8's, yum!

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  • New Monitors! KRK VXT8's, yum!

    After getting an email from Musicians Friend then calling and finding out I can get 15% off my entire order of anything over $500 it made me angry seeing as how I didn't really want to get my studio monitors yet, but with that kind of deal I have to, lol. So I just got back from my local Guitar Center and they were able to price match that so I walked out with brand new KRK VXT8's in the box for $1,100 after tax, yay!

    Havn't tried em' out at home yet, but was there for a good hour comparing them to the Event ASP8's and JBL's and such. The KRK's have a nice range to them and the bass is so punchy and full but not woofy at all, so I can't wait to hear them at home! Will post a better review once I get em' all set up.
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    Looking forward to your review. You didn't have a chance to try out the Adam P22A, did you? I once tested the Adam A7 and really liked them, even though they are small. They sounded incredible. They get really good reviews on the internet too. But I they are more expensive too.

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      Well I've had them a few days now, and WOW. It's my first set of monitors so I'm sure I would have said that with anything. But after comparing to the Event's and the high end JBL's these things rule.

      Imaging wise they're awesome. If I close my eyes I can picture where the instruments, vocals are at, I can pick up in certain recordings where things were cut off and/or faded out and such. The depth of where they want it to be too, just amazing.

      Highs are remarkably high, but clear and don't "over-express" how you should hear them. They aren't fatiguing on the ears, just an overall punch to them.

      Mids are crisp and clean, very solid.

      The lows, ohhhh the lows! Even at low volume's you can really feel the music and when bass drops hit you get the whole expression from beginning to end. The response is amazing on these. Never muddy, or overdone for that matter, just spot on where they should be.

      Overall a very flat response without anything overdone. The Event's were flat too but I think just were very "dead" almost as if you put a piece of cardboard over them, just muddy/mushy sounding.

      As the KRK's are flat, but responsive (if that makes any sense?).

      They also priced matched 15% off too to Musicians Friend so I got em' for $1,100 out the door tax and all new in box.

      They've got all the low pass/high pass filters and active crossovers and either limiter on, clip on, or off altogether. But even at super high volumes (much more than most people would ever need and I love my stuff loud and it's even drastically loud for me but extremely clear) the limiter light only has blinked a few times during super heavy hits.

      All in all I'm extremely happy with these. They tell you to keep the volume turned all the way up on the back, I had it like that and I couldn't even go pass 1/4 on my interface, I turned em' to the half (0db) mark and still could barely hit the halfway volume on my interface, I even went 2 notches below that just now and just at halfway they're still too loud! Haha. I'm gonna end up putting em' only at a few notches (lines on the back) above the lowest (-6db) so at my full volume on my interface it'll just barely have the limit light blink, so then I have an even all around goodness. =0)
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