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First post and some dodgy drumming!

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  • First post and some dodgy drumming!

    Hello there. I just bought a Roland TD-9K last week so I thought Id check out the forums. I have to say theyve been very helpful so far.

    I thought I'd post my setup here and a sample of how it sounds as Ive seen quite a few home recording questions here and thought I may be able to get some good critisism as well as possibly offer advice.

    My current setup is an XP pc with an M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard. I've just got Pro Tools 7.4 M-Powered but havent actually gotten around to recording anything with it yet! Before that I have been using Sonar for the last year or two.

    I have a Line 6 PODX3 into on set of inputs on the soundcard and my e-drums straight from the stereo outs into the other set if soundcard inputs. I also use a Shure SM58 for vocals and a Shure SM57 for the micing amps and acoustic guitars etc.

    Before I got the TD9 I was using a Yamaha DTXplorer.

    Before the laughing starts I have to warn you Im a totally self taught drummer, been playing 2 years but not as often as I should! Ive been playing guitar for 16 years so I use that as an excuse!

    Now, on this page: www.myspace.com/fleasbass theres a couple of bits Ive done.

    The first one, Dani California is something I worked on with a friend about 6 months ago. Ive redone his original drum part with my first attempt at recording the TD9. As you can hear I was having a bit of trouble adjusting to dual trigger cymbals in the choruses!

    Its not mixed beyond a simple level check, and hasnt been mastered at all, but I think the overall sound quality is pretty ok. The drums were set to the Alternative (rock) preset with the snare changed to give a bit more of a Chad Smith snap. I still havent read the manual yet so its the best tweaking I could do!

    If you check out Nothingman on that page, the guitar and vocals were recorded live together with my monitors turned on as I didnt have 2 pairs of headphones, so there is some ambience as the mic picked up the monitor sound.
    The drums were recorded afterwards using the Yamaha kit. The difference in sound quality is massive compared to the TD9, especially the cymbal sounds.

    The 3rd one on there is Yellow Ledbetter. The drums on this were my friend's acoustic kit. He's spent a fortune on processors and mics, but Ive never really liked the way he records his drums. Personal taste though I guess.
    I recorded the guitars and bass, then gave him the Cakewalk bundle and he laid down his drums and the recorded the vocals. He gave the whole lot back to me and I mixed it. Once again its not been mastered at all, as im too damn lazy!

    Anyway, sorry to have rambled on but hopefully someone might have a question about recording techniques or something I can help with, or someone might tell me how much I suck and how to get better.

    Its all good.

    PS ignore the rest of the stuff on that page, I use it to test stuff out and let people Im playing with hear how stuffs coming along, without having to email them huge files.
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    Your unmixed sound sounds better than my hours at it, did you record the drums in mono ? the chili peppers sound sure comes through..well done, you guys and girl sound great.
    Nothing of importance here


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      Thanks, thats really kind of you to say that.

      The drums were recorded to a single stereo track using the L/R outputs into 2 inputs on the soundcard. Apart from changing the snare everything was left at factory settings. I would prefer to seperate the panning a bit tbh, Id like the snare a touch to the left and split the cymbals a bit more as it does sound quite mono otherwise.


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        the drums actually have a really awesome sound quality... timing needs a bit of work.. but that'll come!
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