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How do i... [record separate tracks from a DM-5]

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  • How do i... [record separate tracks from a DM-5]

    Ok i just got my Alesis DM5 and i'm a little stuck.

    I want to record each drum on different tracks, but theres only 1 output from the module for a stereo recording of the whole kit.

    Will i have to buy a new module which will output each piece? Or is there another way?

    Please help!

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    Two ways.

    Most expensive is buy another module. Yikes.

    Most time consuming is to record the MIDI of your performance. Then separate the tracks and play back one instrument at a time while recording the audio. I recorded an entire CD this way and it is a pain, but it works.


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      I was hoping you wern't going to say that

      Ahh well ok, atleast i won't be the only one recording seperate!