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How to get AU's or whatever in Logic Studio?

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  • How to get AU's or whatever in Logic Studio?

    Hey guys, how does one go about getting Superior 2.0 or Reason 4 working in Logic? I have Amplitube 2.0 working great - it just shows up as an AU and works. Superior 2.0 and Reason 4 don't show up in AU's, sends or buses. Any suggestions?

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    nobody has any suggestions for me? how disappointing . . .


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      I don't have a recent version of Logic (I still use v5.5.1 on a pc) but it sounds like you are trying to open Superior on an effect slot. Try opening it on an instrument slot instead...

      To get Reason working you'll have to use Logic's rewire channels. If you select a channel in the environment window and then click on "cha" in the parameter window, it brings up a menu where you can change it to a rewire channel.