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Effects for Drums

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  • Effects for Drums

    Great new forum, very cool options here now!

    I've just connected my outputs from my TD-8 to guitar multi-fx units.
    So far I really like using envelope filters and delays.
    Searched and never found a Post dedicated to this topic.
    I play guitar so I've always loved effects, do you think they have there place connected to drums?
    Think too much effects will tick off the other players?
    We have 1/4" outputs right?

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    Experimentation is the name of the game. I've borrowed my guitarist's Zoom FX pedal and I've got some interesting TD-8 results, particularly using echo and chorus effects on the snare sounds. As every good guitarist should know, overuse of effects is boring. I'm avoiding that temptation at the moment!



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      keep us abreast with what you are using and the results.