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Guidance - With or Without Music

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    Considering the time you've been playing, well done. But as others mentionned already, work on dynamics, fills, timing, ending... Like Eric said, at the end the song doesn't seem finished. It's kinda like: "hmm... what should I play next? Can't figure anything out, I'll just stop". Sorry if I sound negative, it's not ment to be.

    Keep up the good work.

    'lectric drumma
    Roland TD-20, Hart Dynamics 7.6, 2 x PD-7, extra PD-7 and Hart Snare laying around, Vic Firth Dave Weckl signature sticks, Axis A-longboards double pedal, Sony MDR-CD780 headphones and not enough inputs.


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      You dont sound negative at all. Your helping me. I soak this kind of advice up Thank you
      Lee "Shaggy" Shand


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        Originally posted by ShaggyRS6 View Post
        Ok. To answer your questions.

        Never played the drums until 5 weeks ago.

        I have had 1 lesson a week for the past 5 weeks (I missed yesterdays) I have only had the kit for 3 weeks so the first 3 lessons i had no practice in between.

        I have been busy at work, so I have probably have had an an hour 80% of the evenings for the last 3 weeks.

        I think ( and im not trying to be big headed) that I could do well. I just need pointing in the right direction. All though this could be an X Factor moment and only I think I do alright
        hey that's cool, good timming. with that little pratice, it seem to come naturally to you..