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Question on the TD-20 direct outputs

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  • Question on the TD-20 direct outputs

    Is it possible to have the FX/EQ sent thru the direct outputs of the TD-20? For instance... when I plug the snare direct out to the sound card input, and record the snare, it does not sound like it has the EQ/MFX, etc, with it. Its come out very "dry".



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    Yes you can. I never have done this personally, but when I originally got my TD-20 I went through all the options checking everything out (and theres still so much more I can mess with if I wanted to, haha) but you can go to "Setup" then "Output" and under "Other" you'll see options for your effects there, choose a pair of outputs for them, and I'm assuming you'd record them while you're recording your kit/snare/whatever then can adjust the level of them in your software.
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      The problem is that it will not be just the snare effects. Everything routed to the MFX will go out that channel also.

      Some people route the effects to their own stereo track and mix them in. Others just add their own VST effects afterwards.


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        correct. The "Other" output options are to send MFX and ambience to the Master, Headphones, and Direct out 5-8 channels. Hmm.

        It would be *very nice* if the Direct Outs 1-4 were there, to mix in the MFX/Ambience also into the snare, bass, etc. Wonder why... but it is what it is.