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Using Mac Laptop to Record TD-9

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  • Using Mac Laptop to Record TD-9

    Hey guys, I'm looking to start recording from my TD-9 set to my Mac laptop. What device/method would you recommend for good/great quality? The mac laptop has Firewire 400 and USB2.0 ports.

    Thanks for your help

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    If you have firewire ports they are nice to use however if you dont plan to track more than a few mics at one time a USB 2.0 interface will work fine.

    You will want an interface with 1/4" inputs and preamps for those inputs. You can simply run the main outs of the module to the interface.

    The EMU 0202 and 0404 are nice USB units
    For firewire theres the Mackie Onyx Satellite, PreSonus Inspire 1394, PreSonus Firebox, PreSonus Firepod.
    M-Audio has some good products out there there, their vista drivers are outstanding.

    I'm not sure if it works with macs as I run PCs in my studio but you can see by their sites if they have mac drivers.

    Lastly read though Tweaks guide:
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    This should be posted in the Studio form however im sure it will be moved.
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      Thanks a lot Weldman!

      While I've had a studio setup previously through my PC, I've since moved on from the studio side of things to just focus on drums, those EMU options look great, and I may be taking advantage of those

      Sorry about the wrong forum thing.


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        I've been using a MobilePre USB on my Macbook and iMac 24 and it's not let me down yet - and I've done two tracks simultaneously utilizing 4 inputs (i would track two microphones on one input - not beneficial for mixdown, but if you just want to play back a jam session it's perfect)