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Triggers on acoustic kit ?

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  • Triggers on acoustic kit ?

    Hi folks...noob here.

    What do I need to purchase in order to use acoustic kits as triggers to send MIDI data through something like Superior 2 or EXDrummer and on into my sequencer ?

    I know I'll need triggers for each drum and a module. But do these modules send MIDI data? I don't care about recording the audio out of the module, only the MIDI data. I will record the cymbals live.

    Will my idea work? If so, could I get a listing of the components needed to accomplish this.



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    I forget the company but I believe Alesis (correct if I'm wrong) makes just a straight module with like 8 or 12 inputs that is made only for MIDI or something like that (basically for usage for pads or triggers to go into something like BFD2/Superior/Etc. It's only 100-200 I believe too.
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      Thanks for the info.

      I'll do a search vased on your post.

      Also, are the ddrum triggers workable for my scenario?

      Thanks again!


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        I've heard positive and negatives about them. I've heard the Roland's are better, but more expensive. But just read some reviews as I can't base my opinion on anything other than what I've read.
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