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Will MIDI become obsolete?

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  • Will MIDI become obsolete?

    Will technique become obsolete?

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    Melodyne is extremely useful. I have recently added the current Melodyne to my studio and have been using it to fix a couple of minor pitch wavers on some live vocals for an upcoming CD release. I am eagerly awaiting the DNA version. This will be an awesome tool.

    As with everything though, there is obviously plenty of room for abuse and I'm sure this will be used by those who lack true talent in an attempt to sound good.
    At the end of the day, there's really no substitute for true talent though and hopefully that will always be the case.

    DNA will be an amazing tool when used rather than abused though.


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      Holy hell that's amazing. This can be EXTREMELY useful for my guitarists as they do some rediculous solo's and sweeps and instead of redoing it if 1 note is off we can just simply change it around. I've been editing MIDI and doing that for 4-6 months now and that's extremely simple, yet time consuming, still simple. This looks just as simple as MIDI.

      But I don't think there will be any reason to ever have MIDI become obsolete, as still with an audio file, it's still much harder to change the acutal sound of it then it is with just the MIDI note. Like with my Axiom keyboard and Sample Tank, I record MIDI then mess around with the sound however I well please in Sample Tank.

      Both will always have their positives and negatives, but combined would be amazing tools.
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