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Silly midi software question

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  • Silly midi software question

    Ahoy, chaps. I'm just trying to find out if anyone knows of any basic programs that'll let me record my drums via a M-audio UNO cable.

    I'm using Ableton to sequence everything and put DFH onto the midi patterns, but as much as I try I can't get Ableton to record midi signals properly. So I'm just after a basic program that I can plug into, record the midi output, then save it so I can import it into ableton to play around with.

    Any ideas guys? I suppose I could get hold of Cubase but it's a pretty huge program to have just for the one feature of it I'm after.

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    When you say you can't get it to record properly, does this mean you are able to record something, but it doesn't sound the same as you played it or you simply are unable to record anything?



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      Some people have recommended Reaper, which is a free MIDI sequencer.


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        Thanks, Michael, I'll check that out.

        Beau, nothing I record sounds how I play it. I've looked for any sync/quantize options in both ableton and the TD12 module, but I can't see anything that's turned on which might be causing it.


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          Are you able to trigger DFH (ammuing you have it since you mention it) in realtime via midi? Does this sound OK? If it does, then this it would appear to be a problem with how the sequencer is recording the data. If not, then maybe an issue with what the TD12 is sending or your midi cable.

          Do you have another midi instrument to test the cable / sequencer?



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            There's a very slight latency but aside from that I can trigger DFH in realtime. I'm pretty certain it's something in the sequencer, just can't for the life of my find what it is!


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              Sadly, I'm a Sonar user so I can't really offer any suggestions for Ableton..



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                I think DFH isn't GM mapped Like EZDrummer or Addictive Drums
                I believe the TD-12 midi out sends standard GM Drum mapped signals right?
                "Please help me TD-12 users, cause I'm not sure" I have a TD-9.
                I'm just checking here but maby the midi notes recorded are not jiving to the DFH map?
                Just a trouble shooting question.

                Or are you just trying to solve bad latency?